About Us

We Are SunStorm Energy

At SunStorm, we are dedicated to the green energy cause and helping residents of Florida make the shift to solar easily.

Solar Installers You Can Trust
With 20 years combined experience, we have the experience to help guide you to a solution that fits your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
With our industry-leading products, warranties, and service, we strive to be the very best partner for our customers

Our Drive For Solar

Empowering Business and Home owners to take control

Our Drive for solar is about more than just creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. We are helping families take back control over their power supply from an antiquated utility industry.

For over 100 years, utility companies have operated as monopolies and controlled every aspect of how we receive power. They decided exactly how much we will pay and we have had no say in it, period. Why are we so excited? Because solar technology is finally putting an end to that and is putting power back in the hands of the homeowner.